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Smarter Choice Better Life


CHINT HOME is the core brand of CHINT Group's civil sector, and it is committed to building a smart pan household ecosystem, covering smart home, switch sockets, LED lighting, mobile extension cords, home circuit breakers, home wires, smart locks and related supporting products. Its businesses relate to the fields of physical experience stores, e-commerce, home decoration/engineering, smart logistics, supply chain finance, innovation incubation and others, and involve big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies and emerging areas. 


Brand Vision

Adhering to the concept of "Smarter Choice Better Life", CHINT HOME respects and serves users' multiple value choices and pursuits for life,

focusing on the pursuit of consumer values in the new era with an international perspective, creating a vibrant, healthy, free, 

intelligent and high-quality lifestyle for global users, and lighting up home smart life. 

Industry Product

Wiring Devices

By adhering to the "fine workmanship standard of switches", establishing a R&D team staffed with over 100 experts and combining CAE computer simulation technology, CHINT Switch Sockets develop excellent functional structures and fashionable appearances of products. 

The plastic parts of CHINT switch sockets are made of high-grade PC material that are flame retardant, highly polished, high temperature resistant and anti-compressive, high-precision copper to make internal components that are antioxidant, conductive with low resistance, elastic and not easy to experience displacement, good heat dissipation and low temperature rise, and can withstand heavy current flow and shutoff with ease, and silver alloy contacts that perform well in conductivity and effectively contain electric arc and temperature rise. 

The full-automatic flow operation of CHINT Switch Sockets is realized by introducing manufacturing processes, technologies and equipment at home and abroad. 

Overseas LED Lighting

Headquartered in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang CHINT Lighting has two production bases located in Jiangxi and Guangdong. The total production scale exceeds 80,000 square meters. ln addition, a new production base is being built in Yueqing city, Zhejiang province. The products include LED lighting,LED solar products, cable, wall switch, air switch, socket and other electrical products. lt is expected to go into production in 2023.

Zhejiang CHINT Lighting Co. Ltd is an industrial leading LED lighting company specializes in manufac-turing of innovative LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality, energy efficiency and enhance environmental sustainability. Since 1997, Zhejiang CHINT has produced different types of innovative lighting products which have shaped the today' s industry and created remarkable reputation in global market, All of our products are CE, ROHS compliant and factories are ISO14001 certified.


Brand Honor


"Golden Goods Award · China Product Innovation Contest 2021 Technology Innovation Award" for CHINT Z9 Smart Home; 

German Design IF Award and Red Dot Award for CHINT Z9Pro Smart Gateway; 

German Design Red Dot Award for CHINT Z9Pro Smart Sensor; 

2021 Light Award "Top 10 Home Lighting Brands" and "Top 10 Electric Brands"; 

2021 "National Quality Leading Brand of Household Electrical Appliances Industry"; 

Provincial-level pilot demonstration enterprise for the integration of next-generation information technology and manufacturing industry (personalized customization direction) for the company; 

National Quality and Integrity Advanced Enterprises, National Quality and Integrity Benchmark, and National Top 100 Quality Inspection Integrity Benchmark Enterprise for the company; 

2021 Zhejiang Smart Factory (Digital Workshop) for the company; 

Zhejiang Provincial Green Low-carbon Factory and Wenzhou Green Factory.


"Best Supplier Brand" of China Green Building Decoration Association; 

"President Company" of Green and Smart Construction Branch of China Building Decoration Association for the company; 

"National Quality Leading Brand of Household Electrical Appliances Industry" of China Association for Quality; 

"National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise" for the company; 

Title of "Provincial Enterprise Research Institute" for Zhejiang CHINT Building Smart Electrical Appliance Research Institute; 

"Top 500 Home Decoration Brands · Recommended Switch Socket Brands" of China International Home Industry Development Forum; 

Light Award "Top 10 China Lighting Industry Brands of the Year", "Top 10 Home Lighting Brands" and "Top 10 Electric Brands"; 

Light Dot Award "Top 10 Home Lighting Brands in China's Lighting Industry"; 

Green design products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for CHINT Switches NEW2H sockets; 

Zhejiang Manufacturing Authentication Certification for CHINT Switches NEW7D sound and light control delay switches; 

Appraisal of new industrial products (new technologies) in Zhejiang Province of CHINT smart extension cords, and international advanced technology level compared with similar products;

"Popular Product Award in China Household Brand Power List" for CHINT Switches NEW2HD Large-panel Glass Switches.


Awarded as "2019 China Real Estate Top 500 Preferred Supplier Brand" for multiple industries of CHINT HOME; 

Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd. taking the lead in the establishment of Zhejiang Building Electrical Appliance Industry Association with a number of enterprises, and being the first member unit.


"2018 China Red Star Design Award" for CHINT Taichi home circuit breakers; 

"2018 China Excellent Industrial Design" for CHINT extension cord converters for multinational travel; 

"2018 Brand of the Year · Consumer Favorite Brand" and "2018 Award for Influential Brand in China's Household Industry" of Tencent Home;

"2018 China Household Preferred Brand" of China Household Consumption Committee (CHCC); 

"2018 Product Design Innovation Award" of Sina Home; 

"Preferred Switch Brand" in the 15th China Digital Real Estate Festival; 

Light Dot Award "2018 Top 10 Home Lighting Brands in China's Lighting Industry"; 

Pacific Online "Ingenuity Brand Award"; 

"China Top 10 Electric Brands" and "Top 10 Trusted Brands for Chinese Consumers" in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the Organizing Committee of Development Forum of China Building Electrical Industry; 

"Preferred Supplier Brand" of switch panel and lighting fixtures among top 500 real estate development enterprises in China.


"2017 Brand of the Year · Consumer Favorite Brand" of Tencent Home; 

"2017 Consumer Brand of Household Industry" of Sina Home; 

"2017 Powerful Star Brand Award" of PChouse; 

"Building Materials Brand Favored by Owners" in the 2017 China Household Brand Online Popularity List of Fang.com; 

Top 100 brand enterprises of China building materials and household furnishing; 

Influential National Brand of Building Materials and Home Furnishing in China; 

Top 5 China real estate supplier technology innovation brand; 

Preferred supplier brand of Top 500 Chinese real estate enterprises; 

Top 10 electrical brands in China's lighting industry in 2017; 

2017 Golden Wheat Award · Quality Award (type of main materials of home decoration); 

National famous brand of electrical accessory industry; 

Owner's favorite building material brand; 

Consumer brand of the household industry; 

Star brand of the year.