GNEW3F series

GNEW3F series switch sockets have a better texture and show your fashionable taste.

* Products adopt British Standard.

Fascinating brushed finish appearance

The GNEW3F series has a brushed panel that renders the decent luxury.

Panel thinness of only
8 mm

The ultra-thin streamlined design not only gives the product an excellent aesthetic appearance, but also allows it to fit snugly on the wall after installation without looking abrupt.

Available in silver or gold

The products are available in two colors to better suit different home decoration styles.

Small or large buttons can be selected

Different sizes of buttons have different hand feeling experience.

Optimized socket structure design

With proper clearance between jacks, two-pin sockets and three-pin sockets can be used at the same time without affecting each other.

Protection door design

It can well prevent and reduce the risk of electrocution caused by accidental insertion of children, thus making life safer with electricity.