High-quality Designer Light Switches In A Timeless Style

GNEW2HD Series Glass Panel Switches

1.1mm toughened glass
2.5D surface panel
6 kinds of colors
Wear and shock resistance
Integrated coupling panel
16A heavy current flow switche
Built-in steel frame
850℃ flame retardant

How Can The Ideal Home Be Defined By Just A Few Styles?

The "attraction" of color comes from people's instinct to aspire to beauty. Every home has a different dream,
and we are constantly working to find a solution for the home that is closer to your dream.

With Milk Way Grey, Sun Gold, Bright Moon Grey, Court Red, Dark Green, Morning Pink, every pure color has its own style.

Tempered Glass Is Hard To Break But Tender To The Touch

The tempered glass has a high-quality, elegant appearance, is resistant to wear, it is more hygienic and resistant to cleaning agents than plastic panels, making it an exquisite and durable material.

1.1mm High Light Transparency Toughened Glass

Hardness is 7H/8H, 3-5 times stronger than ordinary glass, wear-resistant and impact resistant, high temperature resistant and anti-blast, transparent color, "sealing" the beauty at first sight.

Pressure-Resistant And Durable Steel Frame

Built-in pressure-resistant and rust-proof steel frame, installation is not easy to deformation.

How can you chase fashion when you stand out in the masses?

With versatile colors, common materials, and popular large panels, every home shouldn't show the same. You don't need to chase fashion if you want to stand out more than the masses.

Letting the home have its own "character" is to create popularity.

2.5D Surface Glass Panel Design

Glass surface is once formed with the natural and smooth edge curvature, and the panel is comparable to the texture of cell phone screen. It is bright and clean as new; it has strong hardness, not easy to scratch, not easy to leave scratches.

Integrated Coupling Panel

Personalized combination of a variety of functional modules could create sophistication and gracefulness like a high-end hotel.

Humanized Details

Every detail is beyond perception. With more than 800 brain-burning in the early stage, the design centers on the people and injects warm emotion.

3.6° small swing angle, smooth and sharp switch
High-grade PC material, 850℃ high flame retardant, high standard environmental protection.
Diamond-type reinforcement grid design, strong stability, more fit to the wall.
GNEW2HD Series Glass Panel Switches

With a multi-faceted colorful yet hardcore personality, infused with a more elegant approach to life.

Bringing Richer Possibilities
And Imagination To Home!