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Recommendation for golden switch sockets: These four golden switches are pretty good

Golden switch sockets are not rare to see in the market. They are definitely artworks on the wall if employed to decorate the house. Therefore, many people would pick golden switches for home decoration. Here is the recommendation for some golden switch sockets. These 4 golden switches are pretty good!

More than luxury, they also have respective unique "personality".

Recommendation for golden switch sockets:

CHINT Switches NEW2H Series

CHINT Switches NEW2H series with a frameless large-panel design is one of CHINT Switches' bestsellers over the years.

Its frameless large panel makes it shaping simply and elegantly, showing the charm of fashion over its contour and full of modern sense. The golden NEW2H series with the temperament of entry lux can easily fit into mainstream home decoration styles such as fashionable entry lux and urban modernism, highlighting the aesthetics and enhancing the quality sense of home furnishing. 

Recommendation for golden switch sockets:

CHINT Switches NEW3L Series

Thin and light, enhancing the quality of life - Employing a thin frameless flat panel, CHINT Switches NEW3L series has its overall thickness as thin as 6.3mm, not only light and handy, but also exquisite and creating an aesthetic atmosphere. 

With the adoption of VDI18 surface finish process, its high-quality PC shell is made to have a silk-like feel, and the design of small tilt angle (less than 3°) creates a light, soft and smooth touch - all of these allow this switch to not only have an attractive appearance, but also enhance the quality of life. 

Recommendation for golden switch sockets:

CHINT Switches NEW2HD Series

Exploration of hard-core materials - CHINT Switches NEW2HD series large-panel glass switch employs a toughened glass panel as thin as 1.1MM, whose look and touch are comparable to a cell phone screen.

The highly bright and crystal glass presents a "glittering" appearance, easily creating an atmosphere of entry lux and a temperament of noble home furnishing. The panel is not only far harder than common glass and resistant against abrasion, impact and rupture, but also a built-in steel sheet - such "luxurious" configuration consolidates the quality better.

Recommendation for golden switch sockets:

CHINT Switches NEW2V Series

Inspiration from "paper folding" art - CHINT Switches NEW2V Series integrates the traditional "paper folding" art and trendy panel elements into the switch design.

Traces of "crease" on the panel upgrade the switch from a planar appearance to a stereoscopic one, and create a quality space with more sense of depth under the reflection of light. The NEW2V Special is highly recognizable out of the golden large-panel switches on the market, and especially fits into new-style home decoration such as new Chinese style.

The above golden switch sockets are what we'd like to recommend to you. More than their luxurious style, these four golden CHINT Switches also have their respective connotation and personality, which is amazing! Come and pick your favorite one!